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Greeting from President

100 years with green tea, and many years to come with green tea

President Yasuo Edamura

Kawasaki Kiko was founded in 1905 and has been in the green tea industry for over a century.
We have overcome all the challenges we have faced through the support from our customers, assistance from guiding organizations and through the cooperation of our business partners. We are grateful for all their help.

Our long history of tea manufacturing machine development is also the history of growth in the green tea industry.
Since the founder, Imahei Kawasaki, researched and developed a Yagi type primary tea rolling dryer, we have been researching and developing tea-related machinery to improve tea manufacturing efficiency and quality, and contribute to the present and future tea manufacturing industry.
We believe our efforts will lead to the foundation of growth for the next generation tea industry.

Today, green tea is recognized globally as a healthy drink.
Green tea, the ultimate beverage with over 3000 years of history, provides a therapeutic effect and function such as catechin to heal lifestyle-related diseases. It is the perfect drink for people nowadays.
To provide safe, high quality and delicious green tea to all over the world;
Our mission is to continue developing machineries to achieve this goal.

President Yasuo Edamura